Return Policy : Comfy Undies Return Policy
Are you looking for comfortable underwear?
We hope that you are sitting down before you read this policy... Most companies have very lenient return policies. Unfortunately for you, we do not.

Our Policy : Absolutely NO returns. You can return ZERO.  We accept nothing back. We provide no refunds.

Does this policy appear to harsh for you?  Well, we are very sorry if you are unhappy with this policy.  However, we unfortunately have no other choice.  The product that we sell is primarily underwear.  In our opinion, underwear should not be tried on and then returned.  If we were selling sneakers and leather jackets that would be a completely different story.  But for "underwear", we must stand firm with a no return policy.  After you purchase a product and it leaves our warehouse, we have no idea if you actually tried on the garment or if you never removed it from the shipping package.  In all honesty, we are not willing to take that chance.  Therefore, we must maintain an absolute NO returns policy.  Once you buy it, you own it.
With that said, we will on rare occasion provide a refund or discount if we feel that it is appropriate to do so. We will make this sort of decision on a case by case basis and at our sole discretion.

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Did you know that Comfy Undies means Comfortable Underwear?

Comfy Undies is a division of the Apparel Search Company. 

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When thinking about comfort, what can be more important then finding a comfortable pair of underwear.

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We have developed the worlds most comfortable underwear... (we think they are the most comfortable; you be the judge...)


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