History of Comfy Undies and Apparel Search
Are you looking for comfortable underwear?
Combining our vast experience in the clothing industry and knowledge of underwear, we have decided in 2009 to launch the Comfy Undies division of the Apparel Search Company.
1970's : The foundation of the company was born.
1980's : During the 1980's The companies founder further developed his business education and fine tuned his entrepreneurial spirit, career goals, and aspirations.  After traveling to Virginia in the late 1980's to study textiles and marketing, he returned in late 1992 to the North East to work in the fashion industry of New York City.
1990's : In the late 1990's an unofficial arrangement between two associates, became an official and legally binding partnership.  The consummation of this partnership set in motion a phenomenal chain of events.  Some of which, put the Apparel Search Company officially on the road to success.  In the late 1990's the first version of the Apparel Search website was launched.
2000's : This was an important decade for the Apparel Search Company.  The company launched numerous fashion industry websites such as the Fashion Industry Calendar, Clothing Industry Jobs, Only Clothing, Fashion Week Photos, Fashion Week Videos, etc.
2007 The Fashion Industry Network was launched.  The network received an over whelming positive welcome from the fashion community.
2009 The Comfy Undies website was launched.

The rest is history.


Apparel Search : directory and guide to the apparel and textile industry. The Apparel Search website covers nearly every aspect of fashion. As you can see from the site, we have a rather significant understanding of garment design, product development and as well as the clothing production process.  In addition to the fact that we know where to find luxurious fabrics and top notch apparel factories, we understand textiles as well as how to properly size and fit a garment.

Fashion Industry Network : the fashion industry network is a leading resource for members of the fashion industry.  This fashion network is only way of our many ways to conduct research and access help from other members of the fashion community.

Comfy Undies is a division of the Apparel Search Company. 
The Apparel Search Company is a fashion media company that owns several leading online properties.  The company has ownership of Apparel Search, Fashion Industry Network, Fashion Newspaper, Fashion Industry Calendar, and several other clothing and textile relevant properties. 

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