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Are you looking for comfortable underwear?

Comfy Undies is a division of the Apparel Search Company. 

The Apparel Search Company is a fashion media company that owns several leading online properties.  The company has ownership of Apparel Search, Fashion Industry Network, Fashion Newspaper, Fashion Industry Calendar, and several other clothing and textile relevant properties. 

One of our flagship sites is called Apparel Search (found at   This particular site is one of the apparel industries leading online destinations.  In summary, Apparel Search is a directory.  The site serves as a guide that which informs members of the fashion industry regarding all aspects of clothing and textiles.  In addition to educating the industry about fashion jobs, fashion news, clothing manufacturing, retailing, etc., the Apparel Search directory has educational information in regard to underwear

The Apparel Search Company has a broad range of existing knowledge in regard to underwear factories, appropriate underwear fabrics, and managing garment fit.  Additionally, as a result of recently developing clothing guides such as the women's underwear guide, men's underwear guide, and children's underwear guide, Apparel Search has become even more so an authority on the market of underwear.

Combining our vast experience in the clothing industry and our education specifically in regard to underwear, we have decided to launch the Comfy Undies division.


Did you know that Comfy Undies means Comfortable Underwear?

Apparel Search Fashion Industry b2b Directory for the clothing industry

When thinking about comfort, what can be more important then finding a comfortable pair of underwear.

We have developed the worlds most comfortable underwear... (we think they are the most comfortable; you be the judge...)

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