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Are you looking for comfortable underwear?

How do I find the proper size of Comfy Undies?
Even if we have the same waist measurement, we are not going to have the exact same shape and curves.  Every person has a different body size and shape.  Even if our weight matches, it is most likely that our shape will not match exactly.  Therefore, only YOU can determine which size of Comfy Undies is best for you.
Although you may not be happy with the following suggestion, here we go... We suggest you buy a pair of Comfy Undies in the size that you typically purchase from another underwear company.  You then proceed to try on the pair of underwear. 
  • If the underwear feels too tight, discard them and purchase the next size up. 
  • If the underwear feels too loose, discard them and purchase the next size smaller. 
  • If neccessary, repeat the process until you find the perfect size for you.
Actually, rather then discarding the pairs that do not fit, you may want to tuck them away in the back of your underwear drawer.  If you are like many of us, your body size may fluctuate throughout the year (or month).  Possibly, larger after the holiday feast and smaller when it is time to head to the beach.  If your rear and legs change size, you may wish to have a few size options of Comfy Undies tucked away in the back of your drawer...
You may be thinking that this method is rather silly.  In addition, you may be thinking that this method is a waste of money.  Well, the only thing that I can tell you is that we are not going to be buying you underwear... Therefore, if you truly want to wear the most comfortable underwear, this is simply an investment YOU will need to make.  Fortunately, you will most likely purchase the proper fitting pair on your first attempt.  The above suggestion is "just in case".
By the way, we do NOT accept returns.  Please understand that we are in the underwear business.  This is not the type of product to be worn by more then one person.  You can see our returns policy for more details.

Is it OK to wear Comfy Undies every day?
Actually, it is suggested that you wear them every day. Our internal investigation through the process of case studies indicates that wearing Comfy Undies Monday - Sunday, provides optimal comfort.  Certainly, you can rotate them with other brands.  However, you will most likely be more cranky and irritable on the days in which you are not wearing your Comfy Undies.  In order to maintain a more consistant good mood, we strongly suggest that you only wear your Comfy Undies and discard all other brands of underwear.

Does Wearing Comfy Undies Improve My Health?
If you have purchased the proper size for your personal body measurements, Comfy Undies should fit very comfortably.  If they are fitting properly, they will not be too snug and they should not cut off circulation or cause indents in your skin.  As far as we know, allowing your body to maintain a good level of circulation is a healthy choice.  In addition, if you are not creating indents in your skin by wearing properly fitting under garments, this will aid you in maintaining healthy skin.
If your Comfy Undies are too tight, you are not wearing the proper size.
Note: the above statement has NOT been approved by the FDA nor any medical professionals or associations.  Also, please do not eat the underwear.  That would be very unhealthy.

Does Comfy Undies Donate a Percentage of Earnings to Charity?

Many companies indicate on their websites that they plan to donate a particular percentage of profits to a noble cause.  Some will donate to help cure cancer, others will donate to further the research of heart disease, others will donate to youth organizations, etc.  The problem for many consumers is that when we buy from a company that indicates that they will give a percentage to charity, do we really know for sure that they are making the full donation as promised.  
Rather then make claims, we will do the opposite.  We openly state that we do not promise to donate portion of our proceeds to charity.  However, I can assure you that when I personally see someone needy in the streets of New York (or other locations), I very often reach in my pocket to lend them a hand.  Also, I donate on a personal level to health related charities when I have the opportunity.  Do you?
As a corporate policy, we do not require employees to donate time or money to charitable events or organizations. However, we do suggest to all citizens of the planet to donate when ever possible.
Some companies create charitable policies for "marketing" purposes.  Even if the policy is originated for the wrong intentions, certainly some good comes from this approach to marketing.  At this time, we prefer not to state a particular percentage of donations.  The only commitment we can make is that our company will give at a rate that we can adequately manage and feel good about ourselves at the end of the day.
Note: From the very beginning of Apparel Search, the site had a "Help" page .  The page was created to link to various charities.  Since day one of Apparel Search, we link from each of our pages to the "help page" to bring attention to charitable giving.
We hope that you will also do your part to help the plantet and all living creators on it.  It is important to lend a hand when you can do so.

What is the Carbon Footprint of Comfy Undies?
In all honest, we are garmentos and not scientists.  We have absolutely no clue how to measure our "carbon footprint".  What is your carbon footprint? 
It is our corporate policy to try and be environmentally conscience in all that we do.  We are not fanatical about it, but we certainly try hard to improve our efforts each day.  Waste is harmful for a business.  Waste is harmful for the earth.  Most certainly, we wish to reduce waste in all aspects of life and business.  Are we perfect? No.  Do we try to be conscious of our environment? Yes.

Are Comfy Undies Organic?
Comfy Undies will some times be organic, and some times not fully organic, and some times not organic at all.  As a matter of fact, we will some times use 100% natural fibers, some times 100% man made fibers, and some times we will use blended fiber in the fabric.  Note: Fiber content will always be identified on the care labels.

Do Comfy Undies Make the World a Better Place?
In our opinion, Comfy Undies do in fact make the world a better place.  Our comfortable underwear may not improve everyones life, but most certainly we put a smile on the face of some.  A comfortable person, is often a happy person.  Happy people, are good for the world... 

Are Comfy Undies really Comfortable Underwear?

Yes, we have been told that they are "very comfortable".

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